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1 Isolation of raw starchdigesting amylase producing strain Paenibacillus sp. and its purification and characterization
2010年04期 [62-66][Abstract](1800)[pdf 896KB](1242)
2 Optimization of suspension cultivation of Nostoc flagelliforme cells by uniform design
2010年04期 [57-61][Abstract](1578)[pdf 925KB](1076)
3 Optimization of culture conditions for improving the production of
endoglucanase in high cell density fermentation of Pichia pastoris

2010年04期 [51-56][Abstract](2056)[pdf 1081KB](1039)
4 Resolution of methionine by immobilized Nacetylornithine deacetylase
2010年04期 [45-50][Abstract](1451)[pdf 949KB](1201)
5 Application of lo-han-kuo extract in yoghurt beverage
2018年06期 [94-99][Abstract](455)[pdf 617KB](475)
6 Effects of electric field stimulation on degrading phenanthrene by Enterobacter dissolvens
2014年03期 [62-65][Abstract](955)[pdf 921KB](1050)
7 Progress in lipasecatalyzed selective ringopening polymerization
2011年03期 [71-76][Abstract](2743)[pdf 938KB](1955)
8 Selection and optimization of thawing treatment for the frozen pork
2011年03期 [66-70][Abstract](2523)[pdf 881KB](1338)
9 Fermentation of soy sauce using corn starch cake as raw material
2011年03期 [61-65][Abstract](2081)[pdf 983KB](1478)
10 Storage effects of salicylic acid on postharvest chestnut
2011年03期 [57-60][Abstract](1803)[pdf 886KB](1377)
11 Antimicrobial activity and mechanism of silver nitrate on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus
2011年03期 [52-56][Abstract](2089)[pdf 926KB](1488)
12 Cloning of replication fragment from Gluconacetobacter
2011年03期 [47-51][Abstract](2693)[pdf 1050KB](1557)
13 Quick detection of penicillin by aptamer biosensor
2011年03期 [41-46][Abstract](2218)[pdf 994KB](1186)
14 Isolation and purification of agarase from marine bacteria Agarivorans albus NBRC102603
2011年03期 [37-40][Abstract](2427)[pdf 914KB](1783)
15 Microwave assisted synthesis of ionic liquids and their influence on lipase catalysis
2011年03期 [31-36][Abstract](2974)[pdf 1025KB](1590)
16 Extraction of oil from Schizochytrium sp by enzymatic hydrolysis
2011年03期 [27-30][Abstract](2308)[pdf 926KB](1749)
17 Conditions of glucanase production for Trichoderma reesei RUT C-30
2011年03期 [22-26][Abstract](2940)[pdf 1040KB](1723)
18 Screening of thermotolerant yeast and its characteristics
2011年03期 [17-21][Abstract](2982)[pdf 1115KB](2075)
19 Screening of 1,3-propanediol high yield strain by UV mutagenesis of protoplast
2011年03期 [11-16][Abstract](3446)[pdf 849KB](2119)
20 Expression of isoprene synthase in Escherichia coli for isoprene production
2011年03期 [6-10][Abstract](1630)[pdf 1111KB](1315)
21 Breeding of L-valine producer and optimization of its fermentation medium
2011年03期 [1-5][Abstract](2444)[pdf 972KB](1825)
22 Recent progress in fixation of  CO2  with microalgae for carbon emission reduction
2011年01期 [66-76][Abstract](1987)[pdf 1106KB](1894)
23 Electrochemical study of aptamer biosensor on nano porous silicon
2011年01期 [55-60][Abstract](2513)[pdf 1386KB](1906)
24 Expression and enzymatic properties of threonine dehydratase from Corynebacterium glutamicum YILW
2011年01期 [55-60][Abstract](2864)[pdf 1354KB](1926)
25 Protective effect of licorice extracts on  mitochondria of oxidative damaged rat liver
2011年01期 [50-54][Abstract](1663)[pdf 873KB](1339)
26 Effects of  hydrolysates of hairtail offcuts on vascular endothelial cell damages in injured rats
2011年01期 [46-49][Abstract](2169)[pdf 856KB](1357)
27 Screening of glucoside 3dehydrogenase producing strains and its fermentable condition
2011年01期 [41-45][Abstract](1732)[pdf 1320KB](1576)
28 Production of  bacteriolytic enzyme  by Stretomyces sp. G4 and its properities of  produced G4 enzymes
2011年01期 [35-40][Abstract](2241)[pdf 1021KB](1773)
29 Breeding of Lglutamine high producing strain and  its fermentation conditions
2011年01期 [29-34][Abstract](2221)[pdf 1003KB](1488)
30 Optimization of  process parameters of extraction antioxidants from Aloe using response surface methodology
2011年01期 [24-28][Abstract](2027)[pdf 1623KB](1777)
31 Extraction, isolation, purification and composition of Momordica charantia  polysaccharide
2011年01期 [19-23][Abstract](2375)[pdf 1023KB](1684)
32 Continuous countercurrent extraction equipment used in the process of extraction Gypenosides
2011年01期 [15-18][Abstract](2603)[pdf 887KB](2273)
33 ultivating Chlorella vulgaris as biodiesel feedstock  by municipal wastewater
刘建强1,2,刘玉环1,2,阮榕生1, 2,刘茜1,2,张锦胜1,2,彭红1,2,巫小丹1
2011年01期 [10-14][Abstract](2870)[pdf 938KB](2200)
34 Dissolving straw cellulose in LiCl/DMAc assisted with microwave for preparing reducing sugars
2011年01期 [5-9][Abstract](2464)[pdf 1077KB](1720)
35 Effects of? neutralizing agents on enzymatic hydrolysis of corn stover pretreated by dilute acidmediated steam explosion
2011年01期 [1-4][Abstract](2774)[pdf 991KB](1925)
36 Research progress in process of industrialization and sustainable?development of citric acid industry
2010年06期 [73-77][Abstract](2633)[pdf 995KB](1578)
37 Research progress of yeast cell apoptosis and its mechanism
2010年06期 [67-72][Abstract](1910)[pdf 941KB](1286)
38 Analysis of hairtail flavor matter in the primary processing
2010年06期 [63-66][Abstract](1582)[pdf 1012KB](1006)
39 Comparison between two kinds of cellulases in enzymatic hydrolysis and their secreted proteins analysis
2010年06期 [57-62][Abstract](2131)[pdf 1222KB](1103)
40 Purification and characteristics of cold active lipase secreted by Pseudomonas sp.RT1
2010年06期 [52-56][Abstract](1893)[pdf 1123KB](1095)
41 Purification of chloroperoxidase from a marine fungus Caldariomyces fumago by aqueous twophase system
陈军,杜宁,许甜甜,夏志华, 张书翠,朱旭国
2010年06期 [46-51][Abstract](2090)[pdf 1115KB](1166)
42 Medium selection of Botryococcus braunii and its metabolic mechanism
2010年06期 [40-45][Abstract](2174)[pdf 1024KB](1704)
43 Varied local compositions of corn stover and their effects on pretreatment
2010年06期 [28-32][Abstract](2189)[pdf 1004KB](1151)
44 Effects of amino acids on PeGs formation in cell suspension cultures of Cistanche deserticola in the absence of exogenous hormones
2010年06期 [22-27][Abstract](1993)[pdf 1109KB](1189)
45 Biotransformation RSA to hydrocortisone:improvement of adding substrate
2010年06期 [15-21][Abstract](2181)[pdf 1124KB](1217)
46 Transesterification of palm oil with methanol to biodiesel over ?K2CO3/γ-Al2O3 catalyst
2010年06期 [10-14][Abstract](7544)[pdf 1068KB](1823)
47 Production of butanol from sugar beet molasses by fedbatch fermentation
范俊辉 1,冯文亮1,邸胜苗1,闫海荣1,贾娟娟1,王正品2
2010年06期 [6-9][Abstract](6864)[pdf 1003KB](1746)
48 L-lactic acid produced from carbohydrate and enzymatic hydrolyzate of different pretreated corn stovers by Rhizopus oryzae
2010年06期 [1-5][Abstract](8247)[pdf 1113KB](1857)
49 Screening of Streptomyces 702 by nitrous acid mutation

涂 璇、李江怀,涂晓嵘,涂国全

2010年05期 [30-34][Abstract](1420)[pdf 965KB](1281)
50 Influence of antibiotics on acidophilus milk acidity during the fermentation


2010年05期 [25-29][Abstract](1787)[pdf 1048KB](1731)
51 A screening system for enantioselective hydrolysis of arylamides

胡 蓉,章银军,应向贤,汪 钊

2010年05期 [64-68][Abstract](1709)[pdf 962KB](1146)
52 Marker-free biosensor based on nano-porous silicon Bragg reflector

赵 晶1,宋诗莹2,张子怡3,傅晶晶1,曾志鹏1,张娟琨1

2010年05期 [59-63][Abstract](1763)[pdf 1188KB](1029)
53 Preparation of penicillin imprinted Membrane electrochemical sensor

李 丽,张娟琨,赵 晶,吴 艳,王达飞

2010年05期 [53-58][Abstract](1717)[pdf 1123KB](1586)
54 Purification of low molecular weight heparin by macroporous ion exchange resin BS-Ⅱ

李 磊,温馨蔚,雷 昊,唐万燕,余 蓉

2010年05期 [48-52][Abstract](1461)[pdf 912KB](1073)
55 Purification of α-amylase inhibitor by ion exchange method

李干禄1,李 磊1,张景明2,陈晓春1,应汉杰1

2010年05期 [44-47][Abstract](1566)[pdf 949KB](1214)
56 Fusion expression of starch binding domain with α-amylase and its properties

杨键1,2, 金辉1,2, 王青艳1,2,黄日波1,2

2010年05期 [39-43][Abstract](1370)[pdf 1010KB](990)
57 Preparation and properties of antimicrobial peptides from skin secretion of Bufo Melanostictus


2010年05期 [21-24][Abstract](2020)[pdf 905KB](1253)
58 Treatment of monosodium glutamate wastewater by Rhodotorula glutinis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
2010年05期 [17-20][Abstract](1944)[pdf 1062KB](1011)
59 Solid state fermentation for producing cellulase by Penicillum waksmanii F10-2 by using plant pestcide residue
2010年05期 [11-16][Abstract](2154)[pdf 1206KB](1132)
60 Preparation of soybean and glutinous rice composite sweeten wine by fermentation


2010年05期 [1-4][Abstract](2018)[pdf 934KB](1296)
61 Culture and electroporation of Clostridium propionicum


2010年05期 [35-38][Abstract](1817)[pdf 927KB](1738)
62 Progress in enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulosic biomass and the fermentation production of ethanol
2010年04期 [72-77][Abstract](2464)[pdf 805KB](1963)
63 Fast determination of DHA produced by marine fungi

2010年04期 [67-71][Abstract](1741)[pdf 971KB](1126)
64 Production of L-menthol by immobilized enzyme catalyzeddiastereoselective transesterification
2010年04期 [39-44][Abstract](1836)[pdf 954KB](1291)
65 Modification of chitosan carrier for immobilization of laccase
2010年04期 [33-38][Abstract](2058)[pdf 976KB](1120)
66 Purification of mulberry total flavonoids by macroporous resins
2010年04期 [27-32][Abstract](1721)[pdf 931KB](1171)
67 Salt out for extractingtype II collagen from enzyme hydrolysate
2010年04期 [22-26][Abstract](1523)[pdf 943KB](1075)
68 Purification of vancomycin by ultrafiltration
2010年04期 [17-21][Abstract](1623)[pdf 851KB](1203)
69 Production of biosurfactant from paraffin by fermentation with Candia E2
2010年04期 [12-16][Abstract](1734)[pdf 899KB](1248)
70 Optimization of production of L-lactic acid from potato starch by
simultaneous saccharification and fermentation

2010年04期 [6-11][Abstract](1423)[pdf 931KB](1169)
71 Cellulose production from fungal mixed culture of Trichoderma reesei RUT C-30 and Apsergillus niger NL02 on steam-exploded corn stover and characteristics of hydrolysis
2010年05期 [5-10][Abstract](2402)[pdf 1160KB](1117)
72 Optimization of fermentation production of succinate
engineered by? Escherichia coli

2010年04期 [1-5][Abstract](1951)[pdf 912KB](1075)
73 Strain improvement by evolutionary engineering: progress and perspective
2010年02期 [69-76][Abstract](1384)[pdf 917KB](839)
74 Antioxidant activity of collagen extracted from jellyfish
2010年02期 [65-68][Abstract](1868)[pdf 866KB](930)
75 Genetic stability of engineering strain producing prodrug of recombinant human GLPs
2010年02期 [61-64][Abstract](1546)[pdf 1005KB](1267)
76 Screening of cold active protease strains from polar microorganism and partial
characteristics of crude protease excreted by Pseudoalteromonas sp. QI-1

2010年02期 [55-60][Abstract](2047)[pdf 1307KB](906)
77 Purification of erythrohemagglutinin from Phaseolus vulgaris by using rabbit erythrocyte membrane fabricated affinity resin
2010年02期 [50-54][Abstract](1589)[pdf 991KB](922)
78 Stability of carotenoid produced from solid state fermentation by Rhodotorula sp.
2010年02期 [46-49][Abstract](1594)[pdf 842KB](907)
79 Optimization of fermentation conditions for poly (β-malic acid) production
2010年02期 [41-45][Abstract](2400)[pdf 992KB](860)
80 Ultrasonicassisted extraction of pigments from Polygoni Cuspidati and stability of extracts
2010年02期 [36-40][Abstract](1878)[pdf 954KB](861)
81 Spray drying process for formulation of lipase from Candida sp. 99-125 and catalytic properties the powdered lipase
2010年02期 [30-35][Abstract](1893)[pdf 989KB](920)
82 Effect of nitrogen source and C/N ratio on the fermentative production of glutathione by Candida utilis
2010年02期 [23-29][Abstract](1894)[pdf 1022KB](1678)

Optimization of fermentation conditions for production of CoQ10

2010年02期 [18-22][Abstract](2580)[pdf 1021KB](2111)
84 Synthesis of ( S) -dapoxetine by biomethod
2010年02期 [13-17][Abstract](1628)[pdf 980KB](1198)

Hydrolysis of lignocellulosic feedstock with supercriticalwater

2010年02期 [8-12][Abstract](2860)[pdf 939KB](1094)
86 A method for evaluating pretreatment effectiveness of lignocellulosics
2010年02期 [1-7][Abstract](3002)[pdf 1062KB](1700)
87 Development of enzymatic synthesis of chiral intermediates for HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors

汪 钊,赵冉冉,应向贤,郭跃平

2010年01期 [72-77][Abstract](1867)[pdf 730KB](1112)
88 Extraction process of flavonoids from Momordica charantia L. with supercritical carbon dioxide and its antioxidant activity

谢建华1,单 斌2,彭 云2

2010年01期 [66-71][Abstract](1763)[pdf 831KB](1122)
89 Isolation, characterization, and stabilization of photosystem I from Spirulina platensis

杨 峰,葛保胜,刘 双,于道永

2010年01期 [61-65][Abstract](1677)[pdf 754KB](1081)
90 Effect of ultrasonic-assisted extraction on polysaccharide structure from Coprinus comatus characterized by FTIR and AFM

刘娜女1,张 静2,李 岱1,徐平平1,王 博1,孙润广1

2010年01期 [56-60][Abstract](1453)[pdf 722KB](1014)
91 Crystallization characterization of L-Trp w-ith streaming potential measurement

王 建1,许兴友2,3,马卫兴1,刘玮炜1,陆路德2,杨绪杰2,汪 信2

2010年01期 [50-55][Abstract](1873)[pdf 916KB](1085)
92 Effects of additives on synthetic metabolism of γ-PGA with Bacillus subtilis


2010年01期 [45-49][Abstract](1920)[pdf 772KB](1138)
93 Screening and optimizing culture conditions of Bacillus strain for producing γ-polyglutamic acid

冯志彬,程仕伟,缪 静,张玉香,王芹芹,杨在东,朱应普

2010年01期 [40-44][Abstract](1969)[pdf 557KB](1213)
94 Optimization of fermention culture medium for producing D-mannose isomerose by Pesudomonas sp. No.2120

张 荆,童群义

2010年01期 [34-39][Abstract](1303)[pdf 767KB](988)
95 Biotransformation optimization of swertiamarin by response surface methodology

常 军1, 胡 娜1, 张铁军2,刘昌孝2,田成旺2

2010年01期 [28-33][Abstract](1545)[pdf 1206KB](1061)
96 Preparation of cellooligosaccharide by enzymatic method

朱年青,夏文静, 勇 强

2010年01期 [23-27][Abstract](1355)[pdf 846KB](1184)
97 Immobilization of lipase from Burkholderia cepacia with alginate-silica hybrid gel

喻本青,闫云君,刘 涛,汪小峰,杨江科

2010年01期 [16-22][Abstract](2042)[pdf 1327KB](1039)
98 Isolation of Clostridium acetobutylicum with enriched α-amylase activity and effect of carborn sources on α-amylase activity

徐 芳,顾秋亚,余晓斌

2010年01期 [11-15][Abstract](2104)[pdf 774KB](1183)
99 Investigation on oil production by Rhodotorula glutinis in waste water from glutamate process

邢 旭,薛飞燕,谭天伟,朱永强

2010年01期 [6-10][Abstract](1875)[pdf 693KB](1218)
100 Fermentation production of ethanol by Pichia stipitis NLP31

朱均均1,勇 强1,徐 勇1,陈尚钘2,余世袁1
2010年01期 [1-5][Abstract](1813)[pdf 590KB](1213)
101 Screening, identification and characterization of an acrylic acid-producing and a high-level acrylic acid tolerance strains
2008年06期 [63-66][Abstract](1227)[pdf 267KB](762)
102 Extraction of collagen from fish processing wastes
2008年05期 [27-30][Abstract](964)[pdf 274KB](722)
103 First issue statement
2003年01期 [0-][Abstract](524)[pdf 55KB](829)
104 Greetings and Best Wishes
2003年01期 [0-][Abstract](519)[pdf 85KB](812)